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[29 Aug 2008|08:48pm]

Title: Born to Love You

Rating: NC-17 (overall)

Summary:  Jun Sakurakoji had always believed in the concept of soulmates.  Raised by his grandfather to respect that rather new-fangled idea, he day-dreamed about who his perfect woman would end up being.  There was never a doubt in his mind that he would find his other half...  too bad she's a he.  And he's the big, bad boss of a yakuza syndicate.  Well, shit.

Pairing: Makio/Jun

Genre: romance, AU, multi-chaptered

Short PrologueCollapse )
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Waka 1&2/? [13 Apr 2008|12:24am]

Title: Waka
Author: annakas
Fandom: My Boss My Hero (Japanese drama)
Pairing: main Mikio/Kazuya, hinted Makio/Sakurakouji, Makio/Umemura & Makio/Kazuya
Rating: R over all (this part I think PG)
Flame: If you really have to and you have scarred yourself for forever in reading the fic.

Notes: Post-series, Kazu centric. Not betaed so if you see any glaring mistakes holler and I'll fix them. Waka means master/boss in Japanese. Aniki means older brother in Japanese. Could be taken as a show of respect and/or term of endearment.

Fallow the fake cut to part 1

Fallow the fake cut to part 2

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Welcome Minna!!! [13 Sep 2006|02:02am]

[ mood | dorky ]

Everyone welcome to the My Boss My Hero Fanfic site!!!

Enjoy your stay!!
And please read through the Rules carefully!!!

Thank you!


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